Heaven must be like this  
26min, 2023
Leonel Vieira
Carlos Ribeiro
Carlos Alberto Cabral
Director & Cinematography - Jiyan Düyü
Edit - Jiyan Düyü
Camera - Melle van Herwaarden,
Gijs van Herwaarden, Jiyan Düyü
Sound - Talisa Harjono
Sound Design - Rick Haring
Producer - Jos de Putter

Leonel, Cachupa en Cucada talk about cars, their children and the loss of their parents.
In Heaven must be like this three friends share life with each other.

This three-channel video installation is part of the Lakeside Collection Exhibiton ‘Harvest 2023’ and is presented from 25 August untill 25 October in
Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam. This work is supported by the Wildcard Duch Film Fund.