I was born on June 23, 1995. I grew up in Amsterdam with a Dutch mother and a Kurdish father. After high school, which I completed at Geert Groote College, I focused on acting. I developed into an actress in six years by participating in various drama collectives and training courses.

In addition to acting, the visual arts also played a prominent role. I was admitted to the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and after the Basic Year continued my studies at the VAV-moving image department. Here I developed a visual language with film that is characterized by a free or intuitive approach. The camera became a tool, the images mold material during the editing process.

Throughout my studies I was selected for the Eye on Art Research Lab where I showed my first short fiction film. The work I made for The one minutes was shown at various film festivals such as International Short Film Festival Oberhausen and International Film Festival in Reykjavik. I made an installation for my graduation work with two curved screens where Kurdish children play around the viewer. I also made a linear version of the stories the children told, which was presented in the Eye Filmmuseum Amsterdam. 

The graduation work got selected for the Best of Graduates Show at the Ron Mandos Gallery where it won the Lakeside Collection Award. This year I will work as a Lakeside resident at the Boijmans van Beunigen Depot in Rotterdam.

The film got selected for the NFF (Nederlands Film Festival) Studentcompetition and won the Dutch Film Fund (Nederlands Film Fonds) Wildcard.

Through the films and installations I approach my subjects with a cinematographic attitude. Suggesting realism by working with documentary aspects, characters seek to evoke recognition from the viewer. Using the perspective of a child, I look for tensions in the emotions we express as adults. The landscape seems to expose the characters to the load of their reality.

For full-length documentation of the works contact: jiyanduyu@gmail.com